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About Trackclaw

Brothers Research Corporation was founded in 1975 by Dr. William Bailey and his brother, Jerry to develop a variety of automotive products.

The development of Trackclaw products by Jerry Bailey


The development started approximately fifteen years ago. I worked with several race teams supplying them with Duragloss Car Care Products. All the way from the Saturday night racer to the Winston Cup Series. We kept having so many members of the teams asking if we made a tire softener. I said what’s that for? They explained to me that it softens the rubber, which makes the tires grip the track better, which makes you run faster lap times. I said well if you already using one, why would you need another?

All of them said because the tires give up and your lap times fall off drastically when you use tire softeners. Then I started having local Saturday night racers bringing me by samples of tire softeners for me to analyze in the lab. Well, basically they were all about the same, loaded with a lot of aromatic solvents that stinks really badly.

So I picked a team to work with secretly in my development of these tire treatment projects. What I found was that when you use tire softeners, you are deteriorating the rubber by using these strong solvents, which means you are leaving your good rubber on the track and not keeping on the tire. This is the main reason for the fall off in lap times. I had made up several formulas in the lab that turned out to be flops.

One night it came to me at home in bed. So I got up and wrote out my idea so I would not forget it the next day. Sure enough when we got the track on practice night, the team put these treated tires on, and the lap times were unreal. It performed far better than I had ever anticipated. The following weekend the driver ran away with the race as he did the next 8 races. You can imagine the tech guys were giving his car the once over. Other teams were complaining about them cheating and so on. With the season almost over, the word finally leaked out about the product.

So now I have people coming by our business wanting to buy some. These teams are friends of ours, so we did not refuse them access to getting the product. I came up with the name Track Claw and starting selling it. The rest is history, and from this point on.  It still remains one of the best kept secrets in racing today. Problem is you get no word of mouth advertising out of it, because no one will share the secret with anyone.  

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